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  • What are the advantages of CNC machining?

    CNC machining is able to make complicated prototypes and carry on full-scale production in short time, which satisfy high requirement in precision and accuracy in manufacturing parts and allow for tight tolerance in parts machining for all sizes. It also offers maximum flexibility across volume, pricing, lead time, and the range of materials and finishes being used.

    How many different ways to CNC machining processing?

    The two primary machining processes are turning and milling. Other machining processes include drilling, gear hobbling and electrical discharge machining, etc.

    Which industries are CNC machining applied in?

    CNC machining is widely applied in industry of aviation, medical parts manufacturing, automobile parts manufacturing, transportation, marine, oil and gas, and electronics etc. CNC machining is foundational factor to industry for efficiency and mass production.

    What are standard machining tolerances?

    The machining tolerance standard is ± 0.005" or 0.13mm. Tolerance is allowable for unique dimension. If a CNC machining tool has a tolerance of ± 0.01 mm, it means that the machining tool is allowed to have a deviation of 0.01 mm in each cutting. According to customer’s drawing, AbleMed controls tolerance within ± 0.0002, meanwhile, we can also machine with tighter tolerances to ±0.025mm or ±0.001", with customer’s critical feature requirement.

  • Why choose Ablemed to do mold?

    1:Our design team has more than 20-years Japanese-owned enterprises metal stamping die experience.

    2:Especially professional in medical device stamping parts .

    3:Provide service in design, processing, assembly and commissioning.

    4:Ablemed is focus on Japan market about 10 years ,and familiar with the requirement and quality standard of medical device.

    5:Provide customized service in multi-variety and small batches manufacturing requirement.

    What materials are selected usually in molding?

    Mold block:DC53,SKD11;

    Mold plate:S45C S50C;

    Mold Parts:DC53,SKD11,SKH51,SKH61,ASP23  ASP60;

    How to made of Hard alloy?

    Cemented carbide is W (tungsten steel) made from carbon compound WC powder, the combination of Fe as material,in 1300 ~ 1500 ℃ high temperature sintering.

  • Does Ablemed design mold ?

    Ablemed set up with more than 20 years experiences of Japanese-funded enterprises stamping mould design team, for your stable mass production. So we are all servers for:design、processing、assembly、commissioning!

    How is your mold processing procedure?

    Customer provider the products drawing-assessment process –product process technology –  quote-purchase order-design-customer confirm drawing-mold process-mold assembly –mold commissioning-sample confirm-shipping.

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