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Thoughts about Quality

Quality is controlled by people. No matter what circumstances or conditions, the human element is the first. People are the main body of managing machines. Workers determine quality, not machines.

Quality is a kind of responsibility cultivation. In fact, product quality is determined by each employee’s skill, not by the quality inspector! Therefore, we should improve our work and put product quality into everyone's hearts.

Strictly control the quality, from now on, from me. The height of water that a bucket can hold depends on the lowest board. The qualified product we provide to customers is the water in the barrel. Each batch of goods must be carefully operated by the operator, and we are the boards. Our technological level determines the quality evaluation of products. Why do we need self-inspection and mutual inspection in each process? Why do we communicate with the last and next step? Because we are all a piece of wood of the company's bucket.  We are inlaid with each other, forming the whole bucket and determining the height of water that the bucket can hold. Only one process good is not really good quality. Every process good is the real good quality. Only when each process is linked to each others can it be watertight. We should work steadfastly. First, we should do our job well and complete our own process. This is the first step.

The second step is that we can't only sweep the own door’s snow in front by ourselves. We should have the spirit of cooperation. If there is a problem in the previous process, we should give feedback in time. It should stop at me and not at the next step.

Third, we should listen to the opinions of the next process, correct our mistakes in time, strengthen our technical level, study new methods, and improve our work skills.

If everyone does not form good quality habits, the quality will have a vicious circle. The product quality will not be improved, but will be worse. Without good quality habits, we will fall into the endless work of reworking, constantly explaining and apologizing to customers. Continuously reduce the company's reputation.

Quality control is linked to each other. Every detail requires employees to work conscientiously and conscientiously. If there is little mistake, it will cause quality problems. So, quality is a criterion, quality is a loyalty, quality is a responsibility, and quality is the life of an enterprise! Without quality and integrity, an enterprise will lose its market and its ability to survive. Then employees will lost work and hard to maintain their families. For the development and prosperity of the enterprise, as well as for the stability of our own life, we are all take care of quality management.

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