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AbleMed offers a variety and small quantities of medical parts

In the precision parts machining industry, sometimes, there are small quantities but various parts orders. It may not be familiar to most precision parts suppliers, but as a medical parts supplier, AbleMed not only is very familiar with it but also have own unique views.

The medical equipment itself is varied, and the project time is much longer than consumer products because of clinical trials. Especially when it is configured for different customers, the products requirements are much different. It leads to the pain point of medical industry: multiple varieties, small batches and long term. Many varieties medical parts is needed in the production period, but the quantity is not many of each type. In addition, the medical parts themselves have very strict requirements on precision, material and appearance. How to coordinate the many suppliers and fulfill the targets is a hard work.

AbleMed are deeply involved in the medical industry. According to this market feature, they have established a higher standard quality control and OTD system, together with a fast response service system, which can provide one stop solution of high-quality medical injection mould, medical device parts and equipment consumables for medical industry. We have advanced machining center and automation equipment. Fast fixture assemble, measuring and machine tool adjustment capabilities, making the entire production process efficient.

In addition to the advantages of the equipment, AbleMed also has a professional technical team. Our engineers have more than 20 years of technical experience, from manufacturing programming, cost analysis to quality management, which can help customers optimize the production process and provide effective solutions for medical industry customers. We received well feedback of cost effective qualified medical parts from medical industry customers.

Following ISO 13485, we can keep a stable high quality level even the order is various or small batches for medical parts. Our staff have high quality awareness. The implementation of process control and quality management is well done. It is hard to see in other enterprises.

Strict management control and an experienced team make it possible that when faced with multiple varieties and small batches of precision medical parts, AbleMed will meet the customer’s requirements. AbleMed can provide you with high-quality precision medical equipment parts!

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