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Miniaturized magnetic levitation artificial heart customer visited AbleMed factory

Shenzhen Core Medical Technology Co., Ltd (Core Medical)team visited Ablemed Dongguan factory on 29th Sep. 2022. The Group CEO Musk, vice general manager, technical and producing teams hold meeting with the customer team.

Core Medical is a Chinese national high-tech enterprise. They independently developed the Corheart 6 Left Ventricular Assist System (the Corheart 6). It is the smallest as well as the lightest implantable artificial heart in the world. With 34 mm diameter, 26 mm thickness, and 90g weight, it is 40% smaller in diameter, and 50% lighter compared to the existing magnetic levitation artificial heart in the market. The miniaturization design of Corheart 6 makes it applicable to adult and pediatric patients with a body surface area larger than 1.0 m2.

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The two teams discussed manufacturing technology and equipment. The customer team members all have more than 20 years of medical industry work experience. They listed the manufacturing notification and quality requirements. And left their Corheart 6 sample in the factory. AbleMed team is touched by their rigorous attitude and mission: protect life and health.


The AbleMed CEO Musk required the team to set up the project immediately. The AbleMed team will purchase raw materials to make samples and offer sample the end of Nov. No matter how hard it is, we will do our best to overcome difficulties.  


AbleMed has 17 years of experience in precision parts processing. And is the partner of more than 20 Fortune 500 customers. The factory has a number of precision processing equipment, such as Japan Daiwa 5-axis compound processing equipment, Japan Mazak 4-axis CNC, Japan Brother and Fanuc high-speed CNC, and is equipped with a series of testing equipment, such as Hikscon 3D, Japan Kozaka Profiler and Japan Sanfeng. We adopted the Japanese enterprise management system. The factory passed ISO9001 and IATF16949 quality systems and is applying ISO13485 medical system certification.


The artificial heart is life-related, therefore the requirements for parts are strict. AbleMed hopes to support customers' innovation with our ingenuity and technology.

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