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How do we develop a medical mask from scratch?

The first task I received in Dongguan Ablemed Technology Co., Ltd. was to buy an overseas medical mask. At that time, my idea was very simple, just a mask, it should be very easy. As a result, after taking over, it was found that the mask sold in Japan was only sold to medical qualified customers. Our company in Japan currently does not have relevant medical qualifications. One other way.


So I began to look for possible places on the site. In Vietnam, there is also a dental consumables website selling the same mask. This time, although it did not need medical qualifications, but only in Vietnam. So how did I purchase this mask? Kanou Group established a new office in Vietnam in 2019, but its Vietnamese colleagues (A) are only Vietnamese and unable to communicate directly. So I contacted colleague A through a Vietnamese colleague (B) from a Japanese company. The process was a bit tortuous, but I finally bought this mask.


Next, we will discuss with the cooperation manufacturers, because we have been based on mechanical parts processing before, although the injection molding industry has been involved, but not proficient. Cooperation manufacturers are also very patiently and explained some problems existing in the current product also provided us with improvement solutions.

Through visiting the production workshop of the cooperative manufacturer and discussing for many times, we determined the final plan of product production. This time our end client is doctors, in order to make doctors more comfortable in wearing our medical mask, so we strive to do our best in all aspects. First of all, we should solve the problem of shrinkage in the tail of the mask, and reduce the sense of pressure brought when wearing. The solution proposed to us is to go out on the face of the mold, leaving space for it to shrink in advance




The transparency of the protective mask is also very high, because the hole position is close to the edge, so pay great attention to the hole, and one step in place, not silk. Materia we choose PS high projection film, will not affect the doctor's vision during the operation.




After these key problems are solved, there are some details to be confirmed. The rope of the mask chooses woven rope, beautiful and toughness is very good, will not appear similar nylon rope easy weathering easy to fracture problem. The anti-collision sponge on the head of the mask chooses the elastic high-collision sponge to improve the comfort of the wearer. As for small accessories: pig nose buckle, we also require the use of SUS material, to avoid the possibility of rust products, and strive to do the best.


I did not expect a seemingly simple medical mask behind the need to do so many details, many samples, adjust the parameters and details of every improvement.  This kind of lean production and craftsman spirit is the fundamental reason why Ablemed may continue to move on.

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