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Medical device parts, if you want to do well, you really need to put a lot of thought into it.


A customer in the medical device industry sent over a machined part with a spray finish, a round ring. The part was originally made in Y, machined, and then painted by a separate surface treatment plant. The customer asked us to assist in making the metal part without painting.  


Because the product was thin and not easy to clamp, there was no good clamping solution for a while, so we didn't think much about it and directly provided machined parts without spraying as requested by the customer. But there is no advantage in price. After all, the lathe technology in developed countries is more mature and the price is also cheaper. So immediately we lose the case.




It is often the case that the easier it is to choose something simple to do, the less profitable and viable it is. Those who can make money are often in the minority, because it is complex and difficult, and can do it successfully for few people. Because it is the counterpart of the customer, in order to take the customer's order, must try to fight. Simple product can not do, then the finished product we have room for improvement? After communicating with the customer, we will provide the finished products to him, the offer in all aspects of the comprehensive also have advantages. Samples immediately arranged.


The first step is to adjust the oil. Normal spray oil blending before to clear the color number, so that the master in accordance with a certain ratio. But the customer does not have the color number, only the physical. We can only confirm the color deviation value by sampling several times according to our experience. Fortunately, we had the assistance of our subsidiary,Gelivable to borrow a color difference meter and measure the color deviation value. Then we got the ink factory to adjust the oil. There are thousands of black, a black with metallic texture after 2 weeks repeatedly adjusted a few times, finally came out a closer one. The next step is to do surface treament, but how to spray has become another problem. The concave surface of the product structure itself does not have a straight body position, which is not conducive to clamping. To keep the front side with spraying without the reverse side, so the product needs to do masking before it can be sprayed. But at the same time, because the product belongs to the appearance of the parts, the surface can not have scratches, so we have to consider how to hang up the product, not to damage the surface and can also complete the spraying.


After thinking about it for a few days, we finally found a breakthrough point. By designing a straight process clamping position, we can remove it after the product has been processed. One is convenient for clamping, and the other is that the clamping position is not on the product structure, which has no effect on the product deformation. As soon as the plan came out, the manufacturing department immediately arranged the processing, and then 1 day of machining + 1 day of powder spraying, after completing a series of tests, we immediately arranged to send samples to the customer.

When you choose the complicated and difficult things, things will develop easier and easier. The customer also emailed us with the feedback that they are looking forward to our samples. The next step is to look forward to the customer's feedback and mass production orders! Medical device parts, if you want to do well, you really need to put a lot of thought into it.






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