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How did ABLEMED successfully develop the heat sink parts for the baby nursery box for Japanese pediatric hospitals?

During 2020-2021, we helped a Japanese company successfully develop a heat sink part for a nursery box for a pediatric hospital. The requirements for the heat sink on this medical device were very high, not only for the size but also for the appearance, which was so extreme that even a slight scratch on the surface was not acceptable. In this article, we will share how ABLEMED kept optimizing the production process to improve the quality of the product and finally meet the customer's requirements and achieve smooth mass production.


First, solve the burr residue after processing the heat sink blade.


This heat sink blade has nearly 100 pieces, blade spacing between only 1mm or so. So many blades in the processing if rely on manual deburring is very difficult, but also difficult to completely remove clean, and in the manual deburring at the same time also easy to frustrate the blade. We use more mature strong alkali cleaning process, the use of strong alkali to remove the tiny burr, and achieved good results.


Second: Solve the molding extrusion pattern on both sides of the heatsink


The material of this heatsink is aluminum extrusion profile, which has a relatively rough texture and is easy to produce scratches during the production and circulation process. Our solution is to do brushing on both sides, and after the brushing process, the surface texture is unified, which finally meets the customer's appearance requirements.


Third: Improve the appearance of the heatsink plane after anodizing pockmarks


After the heat sink is cleaned by strong alkali, it is easy to form some slight pockmark water pattern in the smooth plane. How do we deal with this situation? We have adjusted the order of the processing process, the original is to study the pockmark after the plane for strong alkali cleaning and deburring, now changed to cleaning first and then surface grinding. Finally, after anodizing, the pitting and other appearance problems were improved.


Forth: improve efficiency and reduce costs


In improving the appearance at the same time we are also thinking of ways to reduce the production cost of the product. In the project pre-review stage, then the blade is used CNC machining. Because the heat sink is too thin processing process is easy to pop knife, so the processing time is very long. After continuous trial work, we used a professional groove cutting equipment for groove processing, and then CNC machining. This process change shortened the processing time by two-thirds. And the appearance quality has also improved a grade than the appearance made by the previous process.


After the improvement of the above four links, we finally got the approval of our Japanese medical equipment customers. According to the customer's feedback, several suppliers provided samples, but the quality of ABLEMED was the best, so the customer finally chose to entrust the mass production to us.

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