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ABLEMED offers customized processing of precision parts for high-end medical equipment industry

ABLE MEDICAL (DONGGUAN)CO., LTD, located in the hinterland of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Bay Area, the Songshan Lake Science City.


Founded in 2005, KANOU Group provides precision parts design and processing with multi variety and small batch in automotive, medical, semiconductor and aerospace in Japan, Europe, America and other countries.



Relying on deep cooperation with Japanese customers in the last 17 years, KANOU Group has built a high-level quality management system and on-time delivery system. 

For better service to the multi variety and small batch needs from our customers in the medical device industry, we established ABLE MEDICAL (DONGGUAN) CO.,LTD in April 2021.  




Hello, I am Musk, the CEO of ABLE MEDICAL (DONGGUAN).


We integrate the experience of precision parts processing accumulated in the 17 years of KANOU Group's establishment.


We can provide precision parts processing for medical industry customers covering metal, plastic, electronics, glass and other materials.


We can provide you with one-stop precision parts solutions from our three manufacturing sites in Japan, China and Vietnam.


We have a wealth of practical experience in the product quality control and the supply chain management, so we can deeply understand your needs.


ABLEMED will provide one-stop precision parts processing from design, mold trial production, assembly to mass production, we are committed to become the core supplier of top customers in medical industry and we hope to be your reliable business partner.

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