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To all medical customers, AbleMed wants to say...


Hi I’m Eason from Sales Dept.With respect to sales management,I understand it divided into 3 parts For medical device business.Part one,The system,ISO 13485 is a quality standard ,that must be observed by the medical device industry,And to verify its effectiveness.


Part two,I believe it’s material inspection,To guarantee materials provided by customer,Are qualified in ROHS and RECHI.


Part three,I think it’s project management,Especially there is some processing changes,on the previous confirmation,Or 4M changes,It’s necessary to double confirm with customer,Rearrange the whole schedule,And avoid all risks may happen in the whole project.


As a sales,How to handle with the works,In medical device industry?You know, sales is a window to customer.I suppose that, Sales should be very familiar with ,Requirements of laws and regulations, Management requirements, to clarify to other processes afterwards

That’s all, thanks.


Hello I’m Xie Tanguan from Tech Dept.As a project engineer,For medical projects, We should clearly understand, Customer requirement on technical, as well as related laws and regulations, And realize it on drawing finally, Material, as an important factor to product.We should 100% check and get ensured from supplier ,In the aspect of requirements of laws and regulations, as well materials.


I insist in my daily working, To clarify and confirm in assistance of  ,purchasing and quality control dept. We consider the product appearance and accuracy, For medical project at the beginning of schedule making, First of all, we select, Imported equipment To ensure machining accuracy and stability, For processing design

We consider burring requirement. Is strict in medical industry, And adapt mainly debarring, in machining process Meanwhile, Multi-variety and small batch, Asks us to optimize the whole processing ,Economically and qualified as well, I have 7 years of experience on ,Medical device parts development I, and my team, have confidence to finish your project perfectly Take it easy and leave it to us!



Hi everyone, I’m Zhu Tenghuai from Manufacturing Dept. I am mainly responsible to production, To medical parts Considering it may touch with human bod, Directly or indirectly We should pay more attention on

It’s finishing, Especially for abnormal appearance In the process ofmanufacturing It’s strictly prohibited, To burring On the other side

Most precision parts has strict tolerance So we should realize the tolerance more strictly In production That means, The surface treatment

Should completely put an end to knocking against, At the very beginning of production ,We should consider it, As very strict situation ,In that case, we can select, In coding more streamline tooling types.

Secondly, In the aspect of clamping, The best way is to take clamping as less as possible, To avoid unnecessary error Of uneven surfaces, Or sharp edges Medical device parts, please don’t hesitate to come to us We can do it.


Hello everyone, I’m He Rong from Quality Control Dept.I have worked in quality control for 5 yearsFor product inspection The most important is deep understanding on drawing On the base of it, we can select suitable inspectors And operate Checking on size and appearance is my job Please take it easy to let us handle it.


Medical device is significant to Health and medical treatment As medical device parts supplier We promise 100% fit to each of requirements on drawing, Comply with medical device industry laws and regulations We’re committed to Provide excellent medical device parts For contribution to health career worldwide.












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