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After survival crises, why is it that persistence brings the greatest return?

 In the year of 2008 - 2009, Kanou Group met the first and biggest survival crisis since establishment. It came the Lehman financial crisis. Many colleagues were still students even not graduated or some have just started working at the time. We were called the company with only three people - a Japanese, now vice president Mr. Wang and me. Lacking of orders, we mostly in the status of losing money every month, often we had to take the money from credit card to make a living. In that year, I mortgaged my house for financing, to survive and got the first order of glass business finally. That was the first product of anti-glare cover glass for ATM. We survived, and that was the first challenge.

The second challenge came in the period of 2011 - 2013. In 2009 and 2010, Chinese government and other major economies introduced many policies to vitalize economy, and it began to recover. Our business was also improving little by little, new colleagues joined in, the team grew bigger and bigger, and we moved from Bao'an to Fu Yong, Shenzhen. Later, even we kept hard working as always, our business reached its bottleneck and no matter how hard we try, it seems no profits and stagnant. The worst is some domestic payments cannot be collected successfully at the end of the year. Under such pressure, some colleagues quit, remain ones tried best to find way out. We realized that our position was not clear enough, so we put more into Japanese market instead of Chinese market and recruited new colleagues, later we saw some improvement. Of course, our investment in Japanese market became more effective than before. It made me to re-think about our experiences in 2011-2013, when business seemed no good performance but invisible accumulation. Why was no good performance at that time? In fact, it needs time to accumulate and get result later. It asks for consistent input and determination, someone couldn't stand the pressure and left, but we held on and wait until the return came.


During 2013-2015, our business, especially Kanou precision, recovered gradually, and developed fast. The profit in one million order value at that time is equal to the sales of four or five million now. We ran on easy way and enjoyed the most comfortable time since business starting. Therefore, I had time to elevate business of Gelivable. One reason is Gelivable stands just at the cross road of development, we cannot rely on only one product of ATM glass, but consider to get a firm foothold in glass cover industry? Benefit from the experiences of accumulation before, we are very adhering to the strategy of Gelivable. I believe that was a painful memory to elder colleagues, the whole team was under great pressure, emotional breakdown is common things but still resolutely implemented it. As the same time, other dept. shared so much to help them. We adhered to the principle, which is we have to stick on a very clear position both on products and customer groups. As the same story, Gelivable took several years to survive in the invisible accumulation, even insistent hard working beyond ordinary. That was the only way to go through to be recognized in this industry and accepted by customers. At the beginning of mass production, I often told team leader Mr. Li, "If you cannot be excellent in quality assurance, you don't deserve morality." Why? Because all those loopholes will lead to final failure. Gelivable spent several years to improve, nowadays, Gelivable has confidence to say they have a firm foothold in this industry, which thanks to their continuous input in the previous three years.

Today, it comes to Kanou Precision to go through the same way once again. We had planned mass production two years before, and officially integrated five-axis business into Tech. dept strategy last year. But I know it really takes time to let each team player identify it by heart. I rethought profoundly that I was so cruel to Gelivable before, but different to Kanou Precision now. Gelivable had firm determination and fought to win or die in those years, but now, Kanou Precision has back road and too much complaints, it’s no one insist but me, the founder, has no back road but only responsibility. It also needs time to accumulate in five-axis business and mass production, the whole period will be very painful, not only for me, but also for the whole team. Maybe someone can't stand and quit, it happens and I deeply understand it's very difficult to insist when you don’t see a good prospect. However, But we should know about the truth: all gains have to be paid, it needs time to be verified.


Therefore, no matter Kanou Precision or Gelivable, even the new starting Medical Division, we should follow the principle. By the way, the business of Medical Division will separate gradually from the whole group business, which was got the consent of business partner. The decision is to avoid lag behind the complete performance of the group, but spend more time to accumulating experience in medical industry. I believe three years later, you will see our insistence is not in the mouth, but really on the ground.


I personally have persistent attitude in those years, and it really returns me great. I’d like to share my experience, stand together and work hard with my team members for our group business development. I believe the truth: No pains, no gains. No matter how the market changes, there will be our living and developing space. We should step firmly as well as embrace the new challenge.

That’s all for today, I don’t like to be immersed in the past achievements, the significant is today and future. I hope my sharing make you understand, it is normal to have good times or bad times, whatever an enterprise, a nation or a country, the different is, we step in a persistent way, that’s my attitude, thanks.

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