Parts on Medical Image Detection


CNC; Milling Machine Processing; Grinding Machine Processing; Anodic Oxidation.


AL-6061 AL5052


10 Units, 10 parts in each unit.

Customer Background:

This is a famous medical equipment manufacture worldwide, relying on advanced technology, rich clinical experience and profound marketing insight, it has constantly introduced integrated innovative solutions, and has been committed to improve people's health level and medical effect in the whole range of health care, including healthy lifestyle, disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment and family nursing. At present, the company is in a leading position in the fields of diagnostic imaging, image-guiding therapy, patient monitoring, health informationization, consumer healthcare and family nursing

Customer Comments:

We‘d like to work with KANOU team, because their solution satisfied our all needs in production. They provided quotation quickly, and gave helpful suggestions on anti-dull risk in drawing discussion in the early stage. Especially when parts are needed to keep the project running... What we really appreciate is the excellent customer service. They have quick response in quotation before sending parts, information updating in the process, and provide detailed part pictures, all of these make the whole process goes smoothly.

Parts on Medical Image Detection

Parts on Medical Image Detection

Parts on Medical Image Detection

Parts on Medical Image Detection

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