Case sharing: parts assembled on health testing instrument

Service: Mold design, production, assembly, trial, mass production, cleaning, packing and shipment.

Material: SUS316L

Application:SUS housing

Customer Introduction:

World famous medical equipment manufacturers, with advanced technology and rich clinical experience, constantly launch innovative solutions, are committed to building a healthy lifestyle and disease diagnosis and treatment support, and their business covers the whole health care industry chain. It is in a leading position in the fields of diagnostic imaging, image-guided therapy, patient monitoring, health information management and home nursing.

Customer Comments:

KANOU team is a reliable partner. They not only provided quotations quickly, but also shared experiences and suggestions in many application scenarios during the drawing discussion at the early stage of the project.

When parts are needed to ensure the normal operation of the project... We are very grateful to KANOU team for its excellent service. KANOU team makes the whole process efficient and smooth in terms of rapid quotation, design update and information sharing.


The detection equipment for health risk assessment adopts bioelectric induction technology, combined with human electrical impedance measurement technology, and applies the timing current statistical analysis method to carry out 3D reconstruction of human tissues and organs, which can intuitively see the change trend of whole-body organs and judge early diseases, so as to evaluate human health status。


This is a precision housing on a health testing device,After receiving the inquiry drawings from customers, we set up a project team to deeply explore the needs of customers

from the mold design to the usage of materials (MISUMI standard parts, equivalent grade steel in Japan), SEIBU mold processing equipment, mold assembly, mold commissioning, punch selection (AIDA imported from Japan), stamping process, cleaning process and packaging process shall strive for excellence, especially the circular runout tolerance shall be strictly controlled.

Health Testing Instrument Parts

Health Testing Instrument Parts

Health Testing Instrument Parts

Health Testing Instrument Parts

Parts on Blue light Therapeutic apparatus

Health Testing Instrument Parts

Processing Highlights:

Challenge 1:


We use SUS316L stainless steel,with thickness 0.4mm,outer diameter Φ25.0* height 18mm,the previous processing was single die.After reviewing with the customer, referring to the previous cost and repeated evaluation, we decide to use 80T single axis machine tool with continuous die. After repeated verification, the total cost has been better controlled.

Challenge 2:

Challenge in processing:

1. The mouth of the product requires no burrs completely;

2. The roundness of the product body requires to be controlled within 0.008mm (3mm, 8mm and 13mm on the inner bottom, upwards direction);

3. The product surface roughness shall be Ra1.6.

Challenge 3:


1. After rotary cutting of the product, the burr towards the outer wall shall be removed by vibration grinding and polishing;

2. The single side of the tensile gap is controlled +0.025mm (raw material thickness 0.5mm), so that the outer wall of the product is fully squeezed during the tensile process;

3. The drawing die is made of tungsten steel and treated with TiCN coating to prevent strain on the outer wall of the product; After stamping, vibration grinding and polishing shall be carried out to improve the finish of the outer wall of the product.

Surface Treatment

After stamping, there will be an oil film on the surface. We will use the zero emission ultrasonic carbon fiber cleaning machine to clean the product.

Fix the parts on the product rack, put into the feed inlet for automatic cleaning, drying, and then reach the packaging area, which can ensure 100% cleaning, as well, ensure zero emission and environmental protection.

Finished Product

The finished parts and small module assemblies have been delivered to the customer's development team. The assembled modules and parts will be fully tested to prepare for the small trial production of the finished products. This is a great project.

We hope to succeed in the overall test phase of the upcoming finished product and contribute to medical industry. We are very proud that the samples have passed customer's test at one time in the test of small modules and parts.

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