Case Sharing: Parts on Blue light Therapeutic apparatus

Service: extrusion, CNC, milling, grinding and anodizing

Material:AL-6061 AL5052

Qty:4 parts, 2000 pieces per batch

Product Introduction:

This is a well-known medical equipment manufacturer in Japan, who has always been in an international leading position in terms of red and blue light treatment devices, especially in the treatment of neonatal jaundice.According to market feedback, this is a reliable equipment manufacturer.

1.Blue light irradiation is a simple, effective and quick method for the treatment of neonatal jaundice. Jaundice is the high content of bilirubin in newborn baby's body.

2. Bilirubin can absorb light. Under the action of light and oxygen, fat soluble bilirubin can be oxidized into a water-soluble outcome, which is excreted with bile or urine, and reduces the concentration of serum unconjugated bilirubin.

3. Blue light also has a very good sedative effect on human body. Using blue light to irradiate some acupoints of human body can make relax and relieve pain.

4. Blue light is a kind of cold light, which will neither produce high heat, nor burn the skin. Blue light can also be applied to remove acne, the treatment is simple, comfortable and fast./

Blue light has no harmful ultraviolet radiation. Applying blue light on the surface of the skin, it can kill Propionibacterium acnes and realize self-antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, moreover, it can also effectively inhibit the secretion of sebaceous gland oil and prevent the recurrence of acne.

Customer Comments:

I’ve got known KANOU team in the exhibition. Unexpectedly, a simple talk brought us  strong interest. Later, we tried to send drawings with high precision requirement to KANOU's representative, and we got reply in two working days, which is beyond our expectation. They provided not only the quotation, but also gave professional opinion on product design and the solution how to ensure the key size has done. It is an impressive communication, more than this, they even provided competitive unit price.

After nearly half year's sample testing and small batch production, we decided to hand over the new products to KANOU team.

About the Project:

After receiving the inquiry drawings from customers, we established a team to create and promote the project.

After understanding the detailed requirements from customers, we began to realize all aspects are concerned and put enough efforts for perfect. From design to materials - aluminum extrusion - blanking (blanking machine) - grooving (grooving machine) - CNC processing - alkali burr cleaning - CNC processing - wire drawing – anode. Our team players tried best to quality control assurance in each step of the processing, especially tolerance, deformation control, burr and surface treatment.

We have to ensure the parts not only meet the needs in production, but also to make smaller tolerance range to exceed customer's expectation, so that the parts would be more fit in facilitate assembly in next section.

Parts on Blue light Therapeutic apparatus

Parts on Blue light Therapeutic apparatus

Parts on Blue light Therapeutic apparatus

Parts on Blue light Therapeutic apparatus

Parts on Blue light Therapeutic apparatus

Parts on Blue light Therapeutic apparatus

Processing Highlights:

Challenge 1:

The burr control and remove of the blade and blade deformation

Burr surly occurs in automatic grooving machine (slotting machine), and how to remove harmful burr is a common industry difficulty. Manual burr remove is not feasible in terms of efficiency and anti-dull result.

After using slotting machine for material cutting, we took strong alkali to remove the burr, which can not only effectively ensure the removing of harmful burr, but also realize cost reducing.

After the groove machine cutting finished, we took the high-speed CNC machining (Germany branding machine) for the middle hole processing, and the fixture (made in Japan) for deformation controlling.

Challenge 2:

Appearance guarantee

Both preventing scratches on sides and bottom, and removing of the strong alkali pitting are processed. After the strong alkali cleaning, the left and right sides should be polished and wiredrawing for surface treatment. The suitable processing solution make insurance for quality and appearance guarantee.

Finished Product

Finished parts and small module components have been delivered to the customer's R&D team. The assembled modules and parts will be fully tested to prepare for the small trial production of finished products.

It's a great project, and we hope to succeed in the coming overall testing phase of the finished product, and contribute to healthcare business. We are very proud that our small modules and parts have already one-time passed customer's test

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