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Musk Lyu:Leaning experience of Intelligent Med facture China 2021 Forum and Master Class

Knowing that the Shenzhen Medical device Industry Association was the most serious period of the epidemic in 2020, when our Kanougroup was also making mask machine parts and masks. I don’t know which friend forwarded the articles of the Shenzhen Medical Association in the moments of Wechat. I thought it maybe useful in the future, so followed it. Recently, we saw the Shenzhen Medical device Industry Association holding the ” Intelligent Med facture China 2021 Forum and Master Class ” at Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, and we immediately signed up to participate.



The medical device industry is typical of small batches and multiple varieties. This feature has always plagued related companies. How to realize automated production and intelligent manufacturing? Smart manufacturing covers many fields, and companies also have many production processes and links. Is it a big step towards smart factories? Or should we start with the production optimization of one process by one process? How to determine the feasibility of domestic substitution for core components? How to do supply chain management? The problems faced by every enterprise have both commonality and independence!

On the first day of the forum sharing session, representatives from Siemens (Shenzhen), United Imaging Medical, Topstar, G+F+ and other companies and the China Machinery Industry Instrument and Meter Technology Research Institute shared with us in detail the understanding and practical results of the digital factory and smart factory. The following is an excerpt of the wonderful content I recorded.

1. Ideal digital factory model: product life cycle management platform, manufacturing execution platform, big data analysis platform, fully integrated technology platform, through flexible production, productivity improvement, cost reduction, and quality improvement continue to create value for customers

2. Three foundations of digital factory: production flow automation, material flow automation, and information flow automation

3. Four major applications of intelligent big data systems: digital order management, digital production management, digital quality management, and digital customer service

4. Why should it be automated? Improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, save energy and reduce emissions, shorten product production cycles, improve product quality and stability, and reduce labor intensity of workers.

5. Five major misunderstandings of enterprise automation: The introduction of robots is automation transformation, and the robots can be used after they are bought. The automation is upgraded and transformed in one step. Automation is the realization of Industry 4.0. Any process can be replaced by automation.

6. It is necessary to deeply analyze the characteristics of the medical industry. There are strict laws and regulations, many varieties and small batches, and materials are applied according to the locality. It is not possible to increase intelligence for the sake of intelligence, and increase speed for speed. It can be planned as a whole and implemented step by step.

7. In the future, medical equipment will become intelligent, miniaturized, and portable. Medical equipment is bound to usher in a period of rapid development. Digital transformation is the future of the medical industry

8. What is the basis of smart manufacturing in the medical industry? Lean production and lean management

9. 3D printing will be the undertaking of individual needs. However, the current cost is still expensive. As the cost drops in the future, the application of this 3D printing will become more extensive.


In the morning, we listened to “Regulations and Considerations for Production Equipment of Medical Device Manufacturers” in the conference room. The teacher systematically sorted out and explained the latest regulations on the concerns of medical device production equipment. For us to understand the requirements of the medical industry, we have a deeper understanding from the perspective of the producer and the supervisory level. Then Mindray Medical also shared with us their exploration experience in intelligent manufacturing transformation. From the content he shared, we can truly perceive a company’s pragmatic attitude toward intelligent manufacturing. Successful people never get it overnight. They start from a young age, start from the side, and have been learning and practicing. Particularly agree with the view shared by Mr. Jing: to promote the transformation of enterprise intelligent manufacturing with lean production as the guide, informationization and automation as the means. Any digitalization that doesn’t talk about lean is empty talk. Intelligent manufacturing itself is a perfect combination of lean + information + automation.

In the afternoon, we went to Shenzhen Anke to visit and study. This was my first close contact with a medical equipment manufacturer. Although there was no arrangement to visit the manufacturing workshop this time, the chairman personally took us to visit the office area and exhibition hall, and introduced the development history of Anke in detail: 1988 China’s first fetal monitor, 1989 China’s first MRI… They has created a lot of No. 1s in China and No. 1 in the world. I am really proud of these predecessors who have promoted the development of China’s medical equipment industry. Co-President Dr. Chen also led several senior executives to share with us Anke’s smart manufacturing transformation path that started in the past two years. He also frankly said that smart manufacturing has just begun, and the top-level planning has been completed and will be implemented one after another. I believe they will make satisfactory results soon.


In these two days of forums and training, I have learned the insights of the seniors in the industry. They are worthy of being experts in medical device companies and experts in advanced manufacturing. Starting from April 1,2021 our medical division will also officially start business operations. We will combine the management experience of high-quality precision parts with many varieties and small batches since our establishment for 16 years, integrate the internal resources of the group, and build an excellent team based on the requirements of the medical industry. I am confident that I can make some achievements in this field, help the development of the medical equipment industry, and make a certain contribution to the health of people all over the world.

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