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Why Did We Establish Medical Division And It Is Named AbleMed?

Since business starting in Apr. 2005, I have insistently led team to focus on high-quality and produce high-precision parts in KANOU which others are unwilling to challenge. In Japanese market with strict quality requirements, we provided OEM processing in the initial stage, meanwhile continuously learning to accumulate precision processing technology. With insistent efforts in 16 years, our team has won affirmation and recognition from Japanese customers and successfully become business partner of 65 Japanese customers. According to an in-depth market analysis we made in 2015, KANOU has been in the supply chain of Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi and other clients in automobile industry, it means KANOU group has grown into a veritable enterprise in automobile industry.

In recent years, more and more new customers in medical field appear in our sight, and new projects launched in the medical industry continue to enter our production line. However, due to the long certification cycle in medical industry, the sales performance related to these medical customers is not obviously reflected in the business statements in time in early times. In 2020, with the new projects of medical customers entering mass production stage, the proportion of medical customers steadily increases in the business statements, rapidly becoming the second largest customer group after automotive industry.

Since the end of 2019, COVID-19 changed our life worldwide. The increasing number of customers in medical device industry prompted us to conduct in-depth analysis on the development prospect of medical industry. The management board is very optimistic about the future of medical industry, and we have capability to serve the medical device industry. For 16 years, we have been engaged in the processing of high-quality precision parts in multi variety and small batch. Our skilled processing technical team and experienced quality management enable us for further achievements in the field of medical device, and contribute to people’s healthcare worldwide.

Therefore, the board of director officially approved the proposal of establishing a professional team for business development in medical industry, and I personally served as CEO in Medical Division. We committed to integrate group internal resources to build an excellent team, to level up to the requirements of medical industry.


KANOU means "possible" in Japanese, implying our business philosophy of constantly turning "impossible" into "possible". Considering KANOU is not easy to pronounce in English, we use “able” to express the same meaning, plus “medical”, in order to enable all international customers call out our brand name accurately. Finally, we name Medical Division: AbleMed.

From Apr. 2021 on, AbleMed began its independent operation officially, stepping after Precision Machinery Division and Optoelectronics Division, it is treated as the third "child" in KANOU group. I will lead it grow into the core supplier of the top-class medical device corporates and make no less efforts than anyone for that. Hereby, I hope to have your closely attention and support, thank you.

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