Medical Injection Molding

Medical Device Injection Mold

With more than 16 years of mold manufacturing technology of Japanese injection, AbleMed is especially good at mold manufacturing for medical equipment. To meet the requirements of quantity, material, quality and assembly, we provide the best injection solution for you.We are reliable partner participating positively at the beginning of project, in the preliminary design discussion, in the customized solution offering, to satisfy your end user and to meet the quality requirements of medical devices.Get a quote.

Why Choose Our Injection Molds?

Ablemed stamping processing, from Japan deep stretching technology! Mainly provide: medical equipment parts stamping processing, automotive parts stamping processing and other precision deep drawing stamping processing. Provide deep drawing die design, processing, assembly, debugging, stamping one-stop service and provide same quality of Japanese deep drawing stamping products.

Why Choose Us?

Our experience and industry know-how are traced back to the first batch of Japanese enterprises in China in the 1990s. Our business covers injection molding of medical device parts, injection molding of automobile parts and other precision parts processing. We are able to provide one-stop solution of mold design, processing, assembly, commissioning and stamping, we have confidence to provide products as the same output quality as products made in Japan.

Medical Device Component Injection

We adhere to carry out lean processing standard of Japanese enterprise and multi variety & small batch in flexible production. We not only insist quality control for material inspection, machining and shipment, but also optimize the whole process to prevent risk.


Medical Device Injection Parts


Medical Device Injection Parts

Quality Management System Accreditation


ISO9001: 2015 accredited , top-class quality management philosophy, high-quality professional -quality management team , high-precision testing equipments, all are the strong guarantee for the quality of Ablemed

Excellent Quality Warranty


We have high-quality inspection equipment imported from Germany, Japan, and the United States, the detection level is at the forefront in industry.

Service Culture


We 100% promise that if our products shipped to you are NG ,we will  return  new ones to you at the first time after confirmation . If you have a refund request , please contact our customer service staff , they will give you further services.

Production services video

The manufacturing of medical parts requires working with tighter tolerances & unique materials. Work with the medical parts specialists at Ablemed today.


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