Medical Stamping

Medical Stamping Service

We studied under the first batch of Japanese enterprises in China in the 1990’s, accumulated rich experience in long-term working, from ordinary sheet metal bending, punching to deep drawing. We have technical know-how in each process of single die or feeding belt die. Moreover, we’re expert at the design and manufacture of multi station manipulator transfer die. Get a quote.

Why metal stamping for medical devices

Metal stamping for medical devices are aiding the medical industry in its rapid adaptability to new challenges and issues every day,metal stampers for medical devices are focused on making sure components align with these specific attributes:

1.Easy Sterilization

2.Corrosion and wear resistance

3.Retaining shape

4.Relatively Inert

Along with implantable medical devices, precision engineered metal components are also integrated into housing and casing components for cardio and neuro, shields and half-shells, battery cases, and capacitor components. The metal components are formed with proper cleanliness, equipment, and surface finish to ensure easy use and maintenance no matter what the application. Deep drawn metal stamping allows for total accuracy and precision for medical needs with customized designs and specialized modifications– pushing the industry forward during the most challenging times.

As a Japanese quality management metal stamping company, we understand the strict standards of the medical device industry and ensure that each part will meet or exceed those standards, time after time.

Medical Stampining has been Applied

1.Micro-miniature parts

2.Insulin pumps

3.Implantable devices

4.Surgical devices including endoscopic, laparoscopic, and others


Medical stamping parts

Ablemed CNC Machining Services

Medical stamping parts


Medical stamping parts

Why Choose Ablemed CNC Machining Services?

Ablemed’s CNC machining services are second to none. Here are some of the advantages we offer to every client on every project, regardless of size.

✓  Industry-Leading CNC Manufacturing Equipment and Materials

Our imported OKUMA 5-axis CNC machining centers make turned and milled parts from a wide range of plastic and metal materials. The accuracy of repeat positioning is up to  ± 003mm, can process high precision parts.

✓ A Proven Track Record

We guarantee the quality of mechanical parts and strictly adhere to lSO9001 quality system requirements.100% inspection of the product appearance and size, material certification and inspection report will be provided as requirements.

✓ 16 years of team focused on this field

We have more than 16 years of experience in producing high precision machined components in all kinds of material,especially for mass production.and we also have 10 more engineer will provide best proposal for your project.

✓ Full Suite of Finishing Services

Many CNC machined parts require some form of post-finishing before they are ready to be put to use. From bead blasting to polishing, anodizing to plating, laser etching to painting, we offer every surface finish you need to make a great finished part.

✓ Team Pricing for Every CNC Machining Project

Your time and budget matter to us. We never require a minimum order volume or minimum dollar value so you have complete flexibility to suit your schedule.Our team members of each link will participate in the pricing meeting to help you reduce costs and make good products

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Why Choose Stamping?

Compared with machining, mold processing offers more stable quality and higher efficiency. Moreover, mold investment such as single die and simple die will have advantages in cost, meeting the small batches needs of customer. The advent of continuous die and multi station die can correspond to various complex shapes and a variety of associated high-precision tolerance requirements.


In Medical device field, we can do better

In AbleMed, we guarantee the appearance of medical device parts 100% fully inspected, according to AQL standards. Stamping processing less than 1mm is common operation for us, even as is working under a tolerance requirement of 0.005mm. To satisfy the highest requirement continuously, we’re master to handle variety of parts machining. To be your reliable supplier, we have confidence to offer the most stable quality of products.

Production services video

The manufacturing of medical parts requires working with tighter tolerances & unique materials. Work with the medical parts specialists at Ablemed today.


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